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Yoga Session

As a personal trainer I am determined to help other women navigate their fitness journeys without falling into the traps of toxic fitness and diet culture.

Unlike many personal trainers, my path to fitness wasn't always straightforward or filled with passion for the gym or sports. Growing up, I was active, but as I entered adulthood, I found myself leading a relatively sedentary lifestyle. Joining and quickly quitting gyms became a pattern throughout my twenties, and was always driven by the sole motivation of losing weight. Cardio machines were my safe haven, as the thought of trying anything else filled me with fear of embarrassment and inadequacy. After being bored to tears and uninspired on the treadmill, my gym ventures inevitably ended within a month. 


Struggling with my mental health for years and exhausting all other avenues, I finally decided to give exercise another chance. Tentatively, I stepped back into the gym, questioning how something I despised could possibly make me feel good. It was then that I discovered the power of investing in a personal trainer.

Determined not to let this attempt end in failure like the rest, I chose a trainer whose values aligned with my own goals and lifestyle. With their guidance, I gained a newfound sense of competence and confidence in the gym, leading me to a surprising revelation: exercise could actually be ENJOYABLE!


Training became my much-needed sanctuary—a sacred space dedicated entirely to me. As a mother, I often felt like I had nothing reserved solely for myself. Amidst the demands of parenthood and the responsibilities of daily life, carving out time for self-care seemed like an elusive luxury. Going to the gym became more than just a fitness routine; it became a vital practice of self-care and "me time." Each session was an opportunity to prioritise my own well-being, recharge my energy, and reconnect with myself beyond the role of mum.

Unfortunately, my journey took an unexpected turn. I became consumed by training, chasing aesthetics, and restricting my food intake to maintain a certain look. My relationship with food and the gym became disordered and unhealthy. Ironically, despite the toll it was taking on my mental and physical well-being, I received praise and encouragement for appearing thin and toned. It was a stark reminder of the toxic nature of societal beauty standards.


Eventually, I realised that my pursuit of a certain body image was not sustainable and was certainly not fulfilling. I embarked on a journey of healing and self-discovery, repairing my relationship with movement, food, and body image to reach a place of true liberation and peace. Today, my movement practice is not about punishment or restriction but about joy, empowerment, and self-care. It helps me manage my mental health, live a fulfilling and contented life, whilst prioritising physical fitness and health.


Together, let's rewrite the narrative and embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness that celebrates and nurtures our bodies and minds.

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